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PRANA - Healthy Snacks, Organic Foods & Natural Products

#1 Healthy Snack Brand

     Before you dive headfirst into Snack Mode, check out one of the best new snack brands that help you snack responsibly in more ways than one.

     Prana came on our radar because we heard about their new Snacktivism Movement.  Besides that, the reason they now have a close place in our heart is for more selfish reasons.
     It's not the perfectly seasoned Coconut Chips or the unique Trail Mixes like the one pictured above.  Ultimately, it's because of the delicious chunks of Chocolate Bark like the flavors you see below. My personal favorite is the Matcha Magic Chocolate Bark.  You get a nice boost from the Matcha Green tea.  Plus, between the Matcha and Dark Chocolate, you're getting plenty of antioxidants, too! Prana-Snack-Campany-Chocolat-Bark-Samples - Snack Mode - Superior Digital Outlet

Look What Else They Did!

     Not only do they have kick-ass healthy snacks, but they also have a full online recipe book.  Full disclosure, it's a completely Vegan recipe book, but they have something for everyone's taste buds.

     For instance, their Vegan Chocolate "Ice Cream" looks way too good to be true and puts your choice of Chocolate Bark to good use.  Also, they sell many of the main ingredients, so replicating their recipes is that much easier. - Superior Digital Outlet
PRANA Decadent Chocolate Cake with Carazel Bark @ - Superior Digital Outlet
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Munchie Wall at Superior Digital Theater

     No need to worry if healthy snack food isn't for you.  You probably wouldn't be in Snack Mode if you couldn't enjoy some junk food classics, right?  If you haven't been over to our Movie Theater Munchie Wall yet then don't worry, because we'll bring the concession stand to you.

     The Munchie Wall is a gallery of the Top 20 Greatest Movie Snacks Of All-Time. Simply click on you're favorite to see some of the best deals to purchase them "economically."

Movie Snack Poll at Superior Digital Theater

Let us know your top 3 favorite movie snacks!

     Another way to have fun in Snack Mode is by taking our Movie Snack Poll. Vote for your 3 favorite movie snacks and instantly view the results to see how your choices stack up.

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