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Biotic Blendz - Health and Wellness | Food Court @ Superior Digital Outlet
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About Biotic Blendz

     Home to Active Mode, Chef Mode, and Beast Mode, the Biotic Blendz kiosk features essentials to support your healthy lifestyle, no matter which mode you're in.

     Most of us aren't training for the Olympics, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't stay healthy and active. For whatever reason you landed here, you must mean business when it comes to your health and wellness. That's why we mean business when it comes to supporting your mission.

     With goals of improving your health in ANY way being the most popular types of new year's resolutions every year, Biotic Blendz is built for you. Each mode helps you match your 'consumption style' to your lifestyle, so you can stay fed, focused, and on your way.

Biotic Blendz Modes: