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Gettin Outta Dodge - Bug Out Bag Supply
     Welcome to the "Gettin' Outta Dodge" Kiosk. Where we can help you with your essential survival needs. We believe that you can never be too prepared.

     Even if the zombie apocalypse hasn't begun, bad weather and other natural disasters can make even the simplest of survival items essential. With first-aid, food, and fresh water being the 3 main things you want to always have at-the-ready, you may want a few extra perks to keep you powered up and connected.  Pick one of the kits below to get started with your collection or keep going down to check out some cool gadgets and other things to add to your setup.

Best Bug Out Bags

Best Gadgets For Your Bug Out Bag

     Goal Zero, a leader in mobile power and lighting solutions, offers some of the best tech to keep you as connected as you want when you're "off the grid." They offer everything from portable phone chargers to modular solar power setups that can run small villages.

     No joke, one of Goal Zero's biggest missions is to travel around the world and help small villages off of the beaten path setup power grids. Most importantly, the access to phone and internet makes a huge difference in the success of their local economy and more importantly education.

     When it comes down to it, their bread-and-butter is the quality and durability of their products. Here is some of their best tech to go with your Bug Out Bag or with you on your next leisure trip off the grid:

Best Food For Your Bug Out Bag

     Food is a tough one to keep ready because of shelf-life. With a 10-year shelf-life and impressive meal options, military MRE's (Meal Ready to Eat) should be your go-to. There are more than 20 different entrees to choose from and each comes with a different combination of sides, desserts, and drink mixes, so choose wisely because some are better than others. Before you go and buy a whole box, here are some of our favorite MRE meals to sample so you can find your favorite:
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